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UKEGS – UK Education & Guardianship Services


选校 – 监护 – 机场接送 – 寄宿家庭 – 支援

我们的服务是配合您的需求, 为8-18岁的孩子代办英国寄宿学校入学手续和提供学生监护服务。 我们的学生大多数来自中国和香港, 因此我们能用国语和广东话为您服务, 完成您的孩子在英国申请寄宿学校入学手续。

School – Guardianship – Airport collection – Host family –Support

We provide boarding school placement and guardianship services for overseas children aged 8 -18 years old in England. Our tailor- made service is designed to meet your needs. The majority of our students are Chinese, they come from China and Hong Kong. Our staff can support you with Mandarin and Cantonese languages.

The UK is known for high quality education; its educational system opens a wide range of opportunities to overseas students as the qualifications are recognised worldwide. We understand that a good education is the right path for your children. We will provide each customer with professional and efficient services to ensure every student has a smooth and successful school life and stay in the UK.